Saturday, August 25, 2012

Controversial Thoughts

I normally try to stay away from discussing these sorts of issues because people can't seem to agree...not politics.  But you were close- porn.  I've seen several news articles in the last few days detailing a syphilis outbreak among LA porn actors, which has put a number of people at risk and halted production for 10 days. Every article I saw used this issue as a segue into the upcoming California vote on whether to require porn actors to wear condoms while shooting (poor word choice; sorry).  I don't quite know what to think about all this...I don't have a problem with porn per se.  I don't watch porn because it makes sex into a dirty, fake cliche, which I can't relate to.  The idea of California as a state deciding whether porn actors will wrap it up strikes me as ludicrous.  I understand that porn is a legal business with a large market, but why force people to glove up?  These are consenting adults engaging in high risk activities for large amounts of money, and they're aware of the disease risks in their line of work...what makes anyone think that someone who chooses to make their living having sex with every dick/jane in the industry cares about safety?  I respect California for trying to mitigate the public health concern, but not sure it's worth the effort.  I mean goodness- the man accepting responsibility for the outbreak admits that he took steps to hide his infection (though he claims he thought he was no longer contagious)...considering that rule violation, pretty sure he wouldn't glove up even if the voters tell him to.  If I'm imposing a value judgment here I apologize...I don't judge anyone who enjoys porn, but I don't get it.  Perhaps my real issue is that I don't get why the porn industry survives when it portrays such a poorly acted/unrealistic view of sex.  Why can't people enjoy the reality around them? 

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