Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Note on Anonymity

In resurrecting this blog, I agonized a bit over whether to blog openly under my real name or blog under a different name while taking care to avoid posting anything that would identify me.  It's not that I want to be secretive; my censor is pretty darn low, and I'll share nearly anything someone wants to know.  That said, everything isn't for every real life person I know or potential employer, so I find myself in a catch 22: blog without my real identity and have freedom to share whatever I want while having to omit portions of stories that would identify me OR blog as myself and be really careful not to share too much of my life story that perhaps I wouldn't want everyone to know.  Or wouldn't want to know that everyone knows.  This makes my head hurt.  Decisions, decisions

*For purposes of blending in with the scenery, I go by "Ann."  Ann is short, sweet, and not my real name.  If you the reader realize one day that you can in fact identify me in RL, kindly please refrain from outing me online.  If you must have me know that you know, you may email me.  

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