Monday, September 17, 2012


Greetings, followers!  Today we'll be talking about perspective.  Today provided me with perspective on several major points, including the fact that eating more than one whoopie pie is a [very] bad idea, one should wait to pick up soft dog poo from carpet until it stiffens a bit, and that my life isn't that bad.  I spent time today helping a friend's household keep running, since she has been very sick for several days and pretty much can't get out of bed.  I took her daughter for a sports physical, grocery shopped, helped with homework, wore out the dog, and ran some laundry through.  Her husband/the kids' dad passed away several years ago, and they've had to make their lives keep moving despite their sadness.  They still miss him, but they're able to find the good in their lives and being such a close part of things (like today) is a good reminder that I can do a better job with the hand I've been dealt.  It's sometimes nice to be able to give and meet others' needs when I'm not able to meet my distracts me from the self-pity party and is a generally good investment in some kids (and their mom) who deserve it.  So really, I'm blessed.  Blessed to have such wonderful people around me, and blessed with the capability to do so many things I take for granted.  I'll be sure to scoop the rest of that dog poop off their dining room rug tomorrow, and I'll relish my ability to perform that task.

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