Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving forward...

Thinking I've been a bit whiny recently...trying to snap out of it and be productive.  Circumstances might suck right now, but life is good and I'm blessed in many ways.  It's tempting to look longingly at the various things and relationships other people have that I've never experienced, but I'm just torturing myself by wanting them.  (Side note- Jewish holidays seem like a great bonding experience and I feel a little cheated for lack of the experience.)  I'm also feeling very insecure about my choice to do this blog...I'm not sure whether I'm saying anything people want to read, and I feel like an idiot blogging to no one.  I haven't yet received that ever-elusive first comment, which causes me to wonder if the blog hits I see slowly accumulating are simply accidental clicks rather than actual readers.  I'm stuck right now, but my only option is to keep trying to push forward, so I'm working at crossing items off my to-do list; emailed the pre-med program director at a school nearby, entered contest for Aiming Low trip, filled out proper paperwork so I can return to work at a local agency that provides services to children with special needs, and finished scraping every.last.bit of wallpaper from my bedroom.  And paid two small bills.  I'm broke and sleeping on the floor of my apartment (can't afford to have furniture moved yet), but tomorrow is a new day...perhaps something good will happen.


  1. From someone who feels completely stuck as well, I am here and I am reading.

    All we can do is keep pushing. We are bound to break free one of these days.

    1. Thanks for the positive thoughts:) (And congratulations on being my first ever commenter!!)