Saturday, October 20, 2012

Putting it on the Line

I'm going to put it all out there.  With new guy.  I'm nervous about the timing of it, but I feel like now is the window of time that I have, and I need to say how I feel and give him an opportunity to respond before it's too late and I haven't put it out there.  There are so many circumstances (time, distance, the military) that make things not ideal, but I really like him and I think about it a lot...I've realized I'm dreaming about him and waking up feeling a sense of urgency.  I still have some lingering feelings about ex LI, but I'm realizing that if things were exclusive with new guy I could lose ex LI's number in an instant and not look back.  Maybe it's the wrong play, but I can't wait any longer...I'm fearful that if I don't say anything now, it'll be January and new guy will be getting ready to ship off somewhere new and the moment will have come and gone.

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