Monday, October 8, 2012

Counting with Alcohol

1. I'm drunk
2. It's Monday pm, but it's ok because I went out with a friend and only had a couple beers (drinking alone is no good)
3. I miss my best friend who is in the Navy and hasn't been able to visit in a few months:(
4. I miss new guy for many reasons, the most relevant of which is that he's not in my bed right now for me to snuggle up to and fall asleep with:((
5. I'm a good speller when I'm intoxicated; it's just my motor coordination and attentional skills that suffer.  My vestibular sense is the first to go.
6. ALcohol is nice, but it makes me even less censored and brings to the front of my consciousness all the things that make me happy but I can't have right now.
7. WHy is my punctuation inconsistent right now??
8. I look hot right now because I wore real clothes instead of my go-to athletic wear...but I can't post a pic because I have to protect my anonymity.   I'm not even sure if I spelled that right.
9. FOr some reason I'm thinking about baby hamsters
10. I have ADHD and it really comes out when I drink.
11. (it's a baker's 10) I like my blog followers and hope they don't hold this drunken post against me

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