Monday, March 18, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

Alas I thought I'd met a guy with potential, but found the caveat last night: He lives in his dad's basement.  And didn't think to mention this until I was at the front door about to come in and meet his dad on my way downstairs to watch a movie with him.  It was mortifying...I handled the situation with a game face, but inside I was caught off guard.  While I wasn't wildly attracted to him, DD (Dubbed Danny DeVito by my best friend due to his height) was a really nice guy with whom I'd shared good conversation and a gentleman's good night kiss on our first three dates, and I was giving him a shot.  He is 35, gainfully employed, and apparently living with his dad while looking at houses (his last offer fell through).  That might've been ok if he'd given me a heads up...although I'm a little wary of anyone over the age of 25 still living with their parent(s) for anything short of noble reasons i.e. parent terminally ill.  So despite the surprise, I proceeded with the movie-watching plan seated on DD's futon/bed.  All summed up- DD was quite pleasant as usual, but didn't make a move, and I was distracted by the general bachelor (read: not clean) condition of things.  Don't get me wrong- it wasn't the worst lack of cleanliness ever, but it was a real problem.  DD walked me to my car and I thanked him for a nice evening, and then he went for the kiss.  It was brief, but long enough for me to determine DD's style of kissing to be incompatible with my own.  The whole thing was disappointing, mostly because he's such a nice guy and I was really hoping something could work out:/  I could question the whole situation further, but bottom line is that we're not a good match, and I'm back to square one and not excited about loneliness for the foreseeable future.  Words can't express how much I really want to find someone who falls reasonably within the net I'm casting and with whom I have undeniable chemistry...the kind of chemistry I have with the man I met at the end of January and uncharacteristically made out with in the center of a crowded upscale lounge (and who I plan on hooking up with the second he visits the US again).  Why can't I find that mutual chemistry with someone available?  I sound like a broken record, but when will it be my turn? 

Aside from that, life is in a holding pattern.  My March nannying contract was extended by one week which is good financially, and I have an application in for a nice position a friend has recommended me for...still fighting for stable solvency and it's not looking entirely impossible.  I've been able to generally brush my dad off my shoulder with all his fundamentalist rhetoric and unwanted suggestions, and not feeling guilty which is a plus.  Off to bed...hopefully I'll have good news when I update next. 

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