Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stupid Girl Anxieties

I'm feeling especially grateful right now to have this venue to air out my silly girl nervousness...I might be 28, but I'm behind the curve compared with my peers when it comes to boys and relationships.  So I'm trying to set up a third date with the guy I met online; I normally don't like movie dates, but I purposely suggested one because I want to leave a level opening for him to kiss me, which is difficult to do when standing six inches taller than one's date.  But he didn't like the movies I suggested, and vice versa, so he suggested bowling.  I'm ok with bowling, but feeling really nervous now, because I overthink everything, and first kiss situations are top of that list.  I don't want another awkward goodbye hug at the car, and I don't want to have to make the move.  So what the heck's a girl in my position supposed to do??  I might be able to play it cool in a variety of situations, but situations like this highlight the fact that deep down, I'm a nervous, lonely little girl who's terrified of feeling vulnerable, and that's difficult to admit.  There I said it.  Thoughts? 

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