Thursday, March 14, 2013

That Night When...

That night when:
-I got wasted on three Sangrias (don't worry it came off as buzzed)
-I was easily suggested into dropping a $10 bill in the tip hat in exchange for requesting that the cover band play "Sweet Caroline;"  (My date said the guy was joking and would've done it for a $1)
-I somehow still managed to navigate my date and I to the pastry place that sells croissants out the back door at night...obviously my priorities are in order
-Coughed a lot throughout the evening (feeling highly afflicted by allergy season)
-Had two women try to pick me up in the ladies room of the bar; they were actually very nice ladies, I just prefer penis.  100% of the time.
-Had my first ever peck-on-the-lips kiss good night...probably a good move, since it was freezing outside and I'm in more of a snuggle-and-pass-out mood as opposed to making out. 

Possibly I may recall more relevant highlights in the morning, but those are the details you get for now.  I'd give the date an 8...everything was good, but I don't feel the same level of chemistry as I do with French guy. 

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