Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend in Review

Gotta say, this weekend has been awesome!  My best friend flew up from the Naval base where he lives to see his gf on Friday, and as an added bonus, two of our other Navy friends drove up from a closer base where they're stationed, and then the three of us drove to meet the two of them at a semi-local ski resort.  It was short, but a nice reunion for everyone.  The highlights include me going snow tubing for the first time, playing 2am tag through the halls of the hotel, the girls "borrowing" an unattended birthday cake leftover in one of the conference rooms (and us passing it out to random people), and a trip to Cracker Barrel this morning.    It was wonderful to see my bestie again (hadn't seen him since Christmas!), and it was really good spending time with my other Navy friends, especially since I hadn't seen any of them since things went south with my second love interest who is their friend; it's reassuring that we can all hang out normally and have a nice time.  I'm back home now and everyone's gone home, so it's tempting to give in to missing them, but I'm too tired to focus on that, so I'm just relaxing and thinking about when we can all do another trip.  This weekend wasn't expensive at all, and I realized that while I don't have many friends, these are good people, the kind of people I really enjoy quality time with.  Now that they're stationed within a few hours drive, I'm hoping to see them more frequently for quality time and fun adventures. 

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