Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's a Great Day in the Neighborhood

Sick of all my whining yet (I am)?  So in the wake of all my depressing posts, a few positive things for once!  I've got a very promising job interview this week, a sweet two w$$k contract with a local finance company, and the hot guy with whom I had amazing chemistry in January is returning to the US next month and I absolutely plan on spending time with him.  Life is improving...it's difficult to get too hopeful because things haven't worked out in my favor recently, but crossing my fingers.  At the very least, I'll have hot sex with the European guy to make me feel better.  On that note, I've got to keep my girl feelings in check on that one...I know he isn't a relationship prospect by any means, but I've never had better chemistry with anyone, and I anticipate it will be difficult to say goodbye.  That'll probably be good for at least a few blog posts:)

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