Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Being Boring

So I've been looking back over old blog posts and have come to the conclusion that this blog isn't living up to the proper level of juiciness.  Well more specifically, I might be failing to live the most exciting life at the moment.  There's not necessarily anything wrong with a quieter lifestyle, but one of my goals in recent years has been to open myself up to all the thrilling experiences I was raised to shy away from.  It's not that I never take risks, and not everything makes the blog...but it's sort of average.  Maybe I should be spending less time cooking naked and more time flat ironing my hair in the bathtub.  Instead of exchanging a few curious messages with the really hot slutty resident who randomly messaged me on Match, perhaps I should be grabbing the bottle of Jack and a jumbo box of Durex and putting the vagina kettlebell lady (just google) to shame.  Of course that would defy everything I live by as a confident classy lady, but maybe I should be thinking less about safety and the future and more about right now.  All of this is on my mind as I anticipate seeing my european friend at the end of the month.  I really want to have fun and enjoy the moment, but I worry about overthinking the risks involved and backing down from the experience.  I just need to stop thinking things through and get outside of my comfort zone...gotta go do that now.  And some work:)

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