Monday, December 10, 2012

Tired But Happy

So the new job is going well...I worked 14.5 hours today, but happy and felt valued and productive.  I have a feeling I'll be giving my life over to work for the next year or two, but hopefully it'll pay off nicely.  I feel blessed to have a good job doing something I enjoy with future growth potential. 

Brief update on everything else- things between new guy and I crashed and burned about three weeks ago, or more accurately he did some things that made me unable to avoid the fact I was his option, and lacking the strength to just stop talking to him I pushed the situation to it's end.  Nothing too awful happened and it's for the best.  It's kind of a bummer, but I'm learning that I'm longsuffering compared to the next girl- I'll work with a crazy schedule or long distance, but if someone can manage to get me *truly* angry or violate my trust in any way, it's over in a jiffy.  I don't harbor negative feelings per se, but the whole experience has left me feeling a little strange.

Also excited that my bff is coming home on leave for Christmas, which means we'll get some quality face time!!!

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