Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Post- Hanukkah Serious Thoughts

Hi everyone,

This is out of the normal subject coverage of my blog, but it's been on my mind since Hanukkah.  I'm culturally Jewish and practice very loosely, although I was raised in an still practice the Christian faith to some extent.  I wasn't really raised with much Jewish tradition, but I know and have picked up enough to feel a sense of belonging.  Anyway, around Hanukkah time, I stayed at a client's house who is Jewish and noticed that the client has a new star of david necklace hanging up.  It was attractive and relatively stylish, definitely something I'd wear.  But as I was thinking about asking where it was purchased so I could pick one up, I realized that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it out and so openly identifying myself as Jewish.  So I googled on the matter and found this blog post:

I was pleasantly surprised that I'm not the only one who feels a little uncomfortable with it.  But beyond that, I'm not sure I would ever want to wear a symbol that Jewish people were required to wear during Holocaust times.  People seem to have forgotten (Urban outfitters remembers) that not too long ago, folks were being labeled with yellow stars and being carted off to die, and I don't understand how anyone could feel ok wearing the symbol.  Am I being too paranoid about this?  Maybe I should stick with the hamsa.

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