Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sorry I've been away for so long...a lot has happened, and I've wanted to update, but have been busy and experiencing problems signing in (thank multiple sign in).  In a nutshell- new FT client let me go (a totally cowardly ambush), ex LI came back and said he regretted breaking up (but then lacked any follow through), and I'm currently lacking enough employment, depressed, and no closer to having my hip repaired.  But life isn't all bad...I finished the painting project in my apt (finally!!) and finally have time to do things for myself since I'm not working 70 hour weeks anymore.  I'm moving past the job disappointment, but the ex LI thing is a hard pill to swallow.  He's being an asshole (and I'm pretty understanding), but I somehow still like him.  I watched a video of military people returning and greeting their understandably excited family members; my second thought was that I'd love to have someone that loves me that much:/  Guess I'll be needing to fill my time with other things in the meantime and keep hoping:/  More soon.

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